Sitemap - 2022 - The Stoic Agilist

Winter Solstice Break - 2022

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep...

Hailing My Very First Uber

Climbing the Paper Matterhorn

Agile Haiku #24

Firsts and Lasts

Looking for Charlie

First Order Consequences or First Order Delusions

Are You Ready for a Difficult Conversation?

Juggling Your Way To Mindfulness

Making Something Out Of Nothing

Agile Haiku #23

Agile Recipes

A Slice of Good Writing

What's in a Name?

Treat Me Like My Dog

Pigeon Feed

Teams, Tribes, and Community - 0.4.0

The Dynamic Stability of High Performing Teams

Agile Haiku #22

A Pointless Argument - Spikes, Estimates, and Work

Who Do You Want Your Team to Become?

The End of Knowledge Management

Failure to Convert to Agile

Decision-Making and Depth Perception

The Survivor Tree

More on Mindfulness

Showing My Work - Little Lending Library 2.0

Estimating Effort - Adaptation

Agile Haiku #21

The Retail Rule for Dealing with Consistently Under-Performing Employees

Non Sequitur #3

Best Practices Are Relative

Back to the Office - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Part 4 (Conclusion)

Back to the Office - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Part 3

Back to the Office - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Part 2

Back to the Office - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Part 1

Agile Haiku #20

The Value of Writing

Implementing Agile - Beware the Sinkholes

Metaphors, Analogies, and Mental Models

Iterations - Short and Long

The Short Life and Times of Cole Summers

The Common Thread

Showing My Work - Finding A Way To Better Sleep

Agile Haiku #19

Non Sequitur #2

Teams, Tribes, and Community - 0.3.0

Agile Haiku #18

The Unbearable Weight of Incompleteness

The Hidden Lives of Scrum Masters

Music Lessons

Aiming For What’s Not There

Captain Mediocre's Superpower

Agile Haiku #17

Software and the Genius of Edison

Coding for Pleasure

Keeping Your Center as a Scrum Master

A Place for Mac 'n' Cheese Flavored Ice Cream

Trust, Innovation, and Managing People

Why We Do What We Do

Agile Haiku #16

Pulling The Carpet Out From Underneath Myself

Does Inflation Increase Wealth?

Customer Service is Hard

Project Phoenix

Baseball and Systems Thinking

Team Composition

Putting a Finger on the Scale

Gas Prices, "Renewable" Energy, and Systems Thinking

Agile Haiku #15

Familiarity - Profile of an Underrated Basic Drive

Seeing vs. Visualizing

Showcasing Innovative Adaptations of Agile

How To Run an Agile Death March

Status - Then and Now

Personality Tests - Value, Traps, and Limitations

Maintaining the Servant-Leader Balance

Understanding Opportunity Costs

Hunting Failure

Determining Effort Value - Tactics

Agile Haiku #14

Non Sequitur #1

Intuition and Effort Estimates

We're Good, Yes?

Time Out!

Cost, Quality, Speed - Choose Three

Estimating Effort - An Explicitly Implicit Approach

Coffee Shop Moment

The Pull of Well-Crafted Product Visions and Release Goals

Agile Haiku #13

Blog Plans for 2022

Corporate Culture Tectonics

How to Develop a Team Identity with A/B Testing

Trust me

A Runaway Train Named Desire

Collaboration and Code Authorship Credits

Agile Haiku #12

Teams, Tribes, and Community - 0.2.0

Strategies for Remote Interviews with Team Candidates