"Today - this day - will achieve what no tomorrow will fail to speak about. I will lay siege to the gods and shake up the world." - Seneca, Medea, 423-425

Who I am…

Stoic and Buddhist (Rinzai Zen) philosophy have been integral to my daily practice. Woodworking and playing the piano and cello are ways I further integrate this world view into my daily life.

Liberals I meet think I’m a liberal. Conservatives I meet think I’m a conservative. (Spoiler Alert: I’m a Political Atheist.) I manage this balance because I ask way more questions than I answer. That way, I always learning something new, even if my conversation partner doesn’t.

Also, most people I meet don’t follow this newsletter. ;) Most of what passes for “important” topics today aren’t, in my view, worth creating or maintaining an adversarial relationship with my fellow travelers.

What I know…

  • Undergraduate degrees in both Biochemistry and Cell Biology

  • Masters degree in Online Teaching and Education

  • 40+ years experience designing and writing software

  • 20 years experience practicing Agile in a variety of functional areas

  • 15 years experience coaching Agile principles and practices

  • Prior certifications in:

    • SAFe 5 Program Consultant

    • Product Ownership

    • Scrum Master

  • Colorado Master Gardener

  • Woodworker

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido

Why I write...

  • To clarify my thinking

  • To test my thinking in the Crucible of Life

  • To pass along what little wisdom I have to offer

If you have any questions, need anything clarified, or have something else on your mind, please use the comments section or email me directly.

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